Travel Team Tryout Season

As the Summer ends, Travel Lacrosse Team Tryouts begin.  This can be a stressful time for the young players out there.  Lacrosse is just a game and should be played for fun.  I think we all must keep that in mind as we approach the tryouts.  There are a ton of teams out there for your player to play on.  If you don’t make 1 team, you will have an opportunity to play for another team.  Tryout dates are posted on all of the Team Websites out there and sources such as post them as well.

Preparing for Tryouts.  Many of the tryouts have a huge number of players fighting for a select few spots.  That being said, there are only so many coaches out there and you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd.  How do you do this ?  Hustle & Effort.  Give it 110% every time you are on the field.  Do not jog for a ground-ball, sprint, give it every last bit of energy you have.  Doing 1on1’s ?  Utilize your best move and go hard to the cage.  Don’t dance, one hard move and go.  Riding on the clear ?  Don’t give up until the ball has crossed the midfield line.  Defense?  Play defense with your feet and harass the gloves.  If the man gets in tight to the cage, get physical push him out and throw a back check when he gets off balance.  Midfielders play defense just as hard if not harder than you play offense.  Tenacity is the cornerstone of every great midfielder.  If you dig down deep and work as hard as you can when you have the opportunity to do so, then, regardless of outcome, you can leave the tryout satisfied that you have given your best effort.

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