Are you working as hard as you can to become the best you can be ?

Are you working as hard as you can to become the best you can be ? That is the question every young player should be asking themselves each day. Lacrosse has become ultra-competititve. As a coach, you can see which kids work on their skills at home and which do not. In order to be the best, you need to work on yourself everyday. Not just on the lacrosse field, this applies to everyday life.

1. Improve Yourself Everyday. Go for a run. Hit the bounce-back or the wall. Do some push ups, sit ups, jump rope, find a friend and do 1on1’s or have a catch. If you find yourself sitting in front of the TV or the Xbox, ask yourself “Is this helping me be the best person or player that I can be ?” “Am I living up to my potential?”

2. Be a Kid. Working on yourself is not 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You need downtime to relax. Swim. Ride your bike. Play Basketball. Go Surfing. Just hang out with your friends. Life is Short – ask any adult.

3. Education Matters. Take school seriously, it will open more doors for you than Lacrosse will. Listen to your teachers and do your homework and your grades will reflect that. If you have a problem with a certain subject, approach your teacher and explain that to them, they will get you the help you need. Read the Newspaper everyday, it makes you smarter. Read a book – its a good escape.

4. Effort is Everything. If you are working your hardest, that’s all you can do, nobody can ask more of you. Coaches love effort. Those players that run their hardest after the ground ball, ride all the way to the midfield line, bust their butts from the moment they step on the field will always hold a special place in coach’s hearts. Every coach on the planet will make room for the kid that is working harder than everyone else.

5. Learn from your mistakes. Did you hang your stick on a clear and get stripped ? Next time get that stick in front of you. Did you take your eye off the ball on the crease and miss a pass? Next time concentrate, watch that ball into your stick and capitalize. Did you find yourself out of position because you didn’t know the play? Study and make sure you understand.

Working on yourself everyday. Taking your education seriously. Showing tremendous effort. Learn from your mistakes. Taking some time off to gain perspective and relax with friends. All of these things will make you a better lacrosse player and more importantly a better person. These lessons will carry you through life.

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